June 10, 2023
3 story build collapse in Winneba

A three-story structure in Winneba, Central Region, has fallen.

This takes the total number of story buildings that have collapsed in the country this year to five.

DO2 Kwesi Hugues, the Winneba Municipal Fire Service Commander, informed the Daily Graphic that five people in the building escaped unharmed.

He claimed the service received a distress call concerning a collapsed structure after the Winneba Roundabout on the Accra-Cape Coast Highway around 3:15 p.m. last Tuesday.

According to him, the building was completed and occupied by tenants, and he added that fortunately, no one was injured because most of the residents had gone to work at the time of the collapse.

However, he said that five of the residents who were nearby escaped before the building collapsed.

“Fortunately, no one was trapped.”

They were aware of the building’s problems and were always on the lookout for indicators of impending collapse.

“What happened was that some went about their daily lives, while others went to school.”

So when we arrived, those who appeared to be doing nothing were the ones in the home; there were around five of them, and all of them came out,” he explained.

DO2 Hugues stated that the tenants’ property was destroyed with nothing salvageable.

When they asked if the facility’s inhabitants had any money in the collapsed structure, he stated they all said no.

“We are now waiting to meet with the owner of the house to continue our discussions,” he stated.

To the delight of other homeowners, he claimed the fire department arrived on time, and “we conducted a head count and fortunately, everybody was around, so we made sure that the electricity connection to the house was disconnected.”

portion of the collapse building

When asked how long the building had been at the location, he couldn’t give an exact figure but claimed it had been there for a long time.

Three multi-story buildings collapsed in three distinct locations within a week earlier this month.

They are a six-story building under construction at the University for Development Studies, City Campus at Sagnarigu in Tamale, Northern Region, a three-story building in the Adentan municipality, and a three-story building under construction at the SDA Junction on the Adentan side of La-Nkwantanang Madina in Accra.

One person was killed in the incident, while three others were injured to differing degrees.

Following the fall of the earlier buildings, prominent professional organizations formed four ad hoc committees to investigate the reason of the collapsed buildings in various parts of the country.

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