October 4, 2023
Win or Loose (lyric) by Shatta wale

Shatta Wale, the leader of the Shatta Movement, releases a new song titled “Win Or Loose” from his most recent EP, “The Truth.” The song’s lyrics are provided here so you may sing along.

Yo Paq
One day pon radio
Some man seh me have whole leap a money
They wonder wah me up to
You know wah me tell him

Cry me a river
Build that bridge
Get over it
That’s the shit
Baan criminal
Credit Cards
Money affi make
Scam factory
Dem seh we getting deeper
And that’s illegal
Show me Jah
Show me Him
My ting dem classic, don’t force it
Wonder why me dem call de boss
Nuh me nah trust that
Pon me dem send dem combat
Anyhow man ready fe de sound ships

Nah come try temper with de mansions
Dawgs ago function
Boom drive by pass inna afternoon
Tings weh dem want fe see dem ago see that soon
Memba seh de universe nah go gi you de chance fe cross that moon
Change muss come
De struggling affi get done
Ghetto youth a work hard
Me dus see how far de city dus change
Government who we a go blame?
Nuff times mi dus stay inna me lane
Buh it hurt me hard when de youth a complain

Who nah like my style affi gweh
I am who I am cyaan be like dem
Many stories wholla dem frame
Tings weh belong to me dem still want claim
Egypt Jerusalem know me name
The pyramid one eye got me trace
De architect control my ways
Tomorrow is another day you win or lose
One time many ghetto youth a falla you
Another time Babylon want hunt you
Dem seh your money pile up, wah you up to?
That addi dumbest ting dem ever ask me
Weh dem dey when man a hustle inna blue lagoon

Dem days nobada ask me how I get my food
But now dem say man richer
Who ever paint that picture
Ago get the truth from a leacher
Memba student fe respect teacher
Now with a higher meditation
Still give thanks to the creations
Dem ago try still lock me inna de station
But Jah know seh we still hol de patience
Yeah tell dem again
Shatta Wale nah get frightened again
If dem seh dem up pon dem game
Make dem memba de right things again

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