March 30, 2023

The Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) has sent an earlier notification to the public authority in front of their gathering to accompany a command not an enticement for resolve the unsettling for 20% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) by coordinated work.

Ignatius Baffour Awuah , Employment and Labour minister

In a meeting with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show, the General Secretary of the PSWU, Mr. Bernard Adjei clarified that, administration ought to come into the Tuesday 12 July, 2022 gathering with a command however not an allure.

“We expected this gathering quite a while in the past when this entire solicitation was made during the Workers Day festivity yet it is slow on the uptake, but still good enough. In any case, we implore that the public authority accompanies a legitimate command and doesn’t come to request in light of the fact that the point that we are presently, an allure won’t work. The laborers have spoken and they have chosen” he stressed

Mr. Adjei made sense of that an allure can’t cover bills, purchase food or assist the specialist with dealing with family thus they won’t acknowledge an allure from the public authority.

The association has seen that the public authority can find cash to rescue areas that it considers as vital to the economy of Ghana when those areas are confronted with difficulties. Hence, they believe that the public authority should do likewise for the public assistance laborers since they additionally assume basic parts in the economy.

He additionally referenced that the Single Spine Salary Structure has been appalling in tending to the pay issues of laborers, making the typical specialist less fortunate with the moderately low pay rates.

“Indeed, even the 20% isn’t sufficient however taking into account the conditions we end up in, basically the 20% can pad us, and that is all we are requesting. So the allure which was brought at the last gathering and our partners who were there made it clear it is a nonstarter. For that reason we expect the public authority group to come to the gathering today with an order that can pad our individuals” the General Secretary rehashed.

The association which is comprised of around 56 public area associations has in a press explanation has surrendered the public authority to 19 June, 2022 to pay them the 20% cost for most everyday items stipend else they will set out on an endless strike.

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