April 1, 2023
Ways to boost the number of your YouTube subscribers.

Reaching subscriber milestones is essential if your objective is to earn money on YouTube. For instance, in order to sign up as a YouTube Partner and begin making money from ads, you must have at least 1,000 followers. And when you get followers, you go up the “benefit level” ladder on YouTube (think: awards, managers and production aid, starting when you hit 100,000 subscribers).

Ways to boost the number of your YouTube subscribers.

What if you want to utilize YouTube for video marketing and branding purposes rather than for earning money right away? You still require customers. They increase your watch duration, play counts, and engagement, all of which are significant pointers to the YouTube set of rules.

Encourage your audience to subscribe

There are few things easier than this. Sometimes all that’s needed is to remind your viewers.

Do you think asking for the subscription is overly pushy? If you inquire too quickly or too frequently, it may be. However, a brief request to subscribe at the conclusion of your video will only make it simpler for viewers to follow your progress.

Don’t forget to provide evidence of your channel’s value to viewers. Make sure you only request the subscription after providing visitors with fresh and helpful information or after making them laugh.

Authenticate your Google account.

All YouTube users are by default able to upload 15-minute videos. You must validate your account in order to create content that is longer than that.

This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to construct a professional channel since lengthier videos provide you more possibilities for the kind of material you may produce.

Visit www.youtube.com/verify on a computer (not a mobile device) and follow the instructions to validate your account.

You may upload videos that are up to 256GB in size or 12 hours long when you validate your account.

Make relationships and engage your audience.

Your audience is more likely to want to continue watching your work if you develop relationships with them. React to remarks. Retrace their steps back.

Yes, it’s fantastic when a well-known YouTuber leaves a comment on your video, but who knows who will be well-known in a year? Create a group of peers and support one another. Shine hypothesis is what I’m referring about.

Once you’re established, your audience will also be a great source of free content ideas for your subsequent videos. You don’t have to take each one, so don’t stress.

Include a unique channel trailer.

You may maximize the highlighted video area on your channel page by using YouTube’s personalization tools. You can decide to play one video for current subscribers and a another one for unsubscribed viewers.

Create a channel trailer for viewers who aren’t subscribers to let them know what to anticipate from your channel and why they should join. Here is an outstanding illustration from Bhavna’s Kitchen & Living:

Use a catchy thumbnails

A thumbnail is a still image that covers your video and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Consider it a little movie poster. Your first and greatest opportunity to get someone to click on your video is now. (Except for the titles of your videos; more on that later.)

Ways to boost the number of your YouTube subscribers.

Why bring this up here when we aren’t discussing obtaining YouTube views today? (We have a dedicated article for that.) As another aspect of your channel identity, consistent, polished custom thumbnails are important. They can aid in introducing you to new viewers in a more personal way.

Keep Your YouTube Channel Clean

It’s crucial to take care of basic housekeeping before we go on to the interesting part. Although you may believe that everything your company produces is wonderful, your audience could disagree since you are not BeyoncĂ©. I realize this is difficult to accept, but it’s crucial to occasionally put yourself in another person’s shoes.

When you take a close look at your YouTube channel and re-evaluate what is there, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that some of the older content has to be deleted since it is no longer relevant, was badly crafted, or is just a dud that never belonged there in the first place.

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