March 23, 2023

19 former and current judges of Ghana’s higher courts have been cited by the Auditor General for purchasing state vehicles, which is against Regulation 158 of the Public Financial Management Regulations, 2019. (L.I. 2378).

19 automobiles were “auctioned by the Service for GH1,023,507.96 without clearance from the Minister of Finance,” according to the report.

According to the rule, the principal spending officer of a covered entity is required to get the Minister’s written consent before transferring, exchanging, selling, donating, providing a contribution in kind, placing a vehicle in trust, or doing any other type of disposal.

Judges named in the report include Julius Ansah, Yaw Appau, and E.K. Mensah.

The judges should declare the automobile auction invalid, it has advised.

“We advised that the auction should be annulled and the vehicles returned in the absence of clearance from the Minister for Finance.”

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