June 9, 2023

Source: CNN

The Spanish football federation has enforced a five-game partial stadium ban at Valencia’s Mestalla Stadium after Real Madrid star Vincius Jr. was subjected to racial insults during the sides’ La Liga match there on Sunday.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also announced a fine of €45,000 (approximately $48,489) for the incident and overturned Vincius Jr.’s red card on the grounds that the referee and video assistant officials failed to consider the actions of two Valencia players, Hugo Duro and Giorgi Mamardashvili.

A supporter yelled “monkey, monkey” at Vincius Jr. during the second half of Valencia’s 1-0 win over Real Madrid on Sunday, according to the match official’s report

DAZN Espaa video footage of the game also showed that the Real Madrid player was treated to a number of additional racial slurs throughout the game.

“It is considered proven, as reflected by the referee’s official report, that there were racist chants against Real Madrid player Vincius during that match, altering the normal action in the game and considered very serious infractions,” said the statement, which was posted on the federation’s website on Tuesday.

Valencia has the option to challenge the decision made by the RFEF’s Competition Committee. According to the statement, the southern stands, also known as the Mario Kempes sitting area, will be shuttered.

Valencia issued a statement on Tuesday expressing “its total disagreement and indignation at the unjust and disproportionate sanction” and stating that it will appeal the judgment.

With the red card rescinded, Vincius will be allowed to play in Los Blancos’ encounter against Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday at home. The Santiago Bernabéu crowd are anticipated to show their support in the 20th minute of the match (the star forward wears the No. 20 shirt).

Raphinha, Vincius Jr.’s Brazilian compatriot who plays for Real Madrid’s bitter rival Barcelona, showed sympathy with his countryman during Real Madrid’s Tuesday night game against Real Valladolid.

He revealed a message on his iPhone after scoring his team’s second goal of the game.

Over the previous two seasons, Vincius has been treated to racial insults from the fans on multiple occasions during La Liga matches, and seven persons were arrested on Tuesday in connection with episodes of racist abuse directed at the Real Madrid player this season.

Four young men were seized by Spanish police for reportedly hanging an effigy of Vincius down a bridge in Madrid in January, while three others were taken on suspicion of being involved in racial slurs directed towards the Brazilian during Sunday’s play against Valencia.

Both incidents have been classified as hate crimes.

On Monday, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defended Vincius, saying it’s “impossible that almost in the middle of the twenty-first century,

Meanwhile, on Monday, the lights at Rio de Janeiro’s renowned Christ the Redeemer statue were turned off in sympathy with Vincius.

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