March 31, 2023

Amerado, Delay and Lyrical Joe

Lyrical Joe and Amerado’s rap battle is at its messiest when shots fired on the #Kwabena Numbers diss track ‘disrespected’ ace TV personality Deloris Frimpong. She, in turn, called on Amerado to halt and end the lyrical fight.

Amerado and Lyrical Joe beef involved Delay

Delay and Amerado’s PDA seems to have been on the losing end for the rapper as Lyrical Joe aimed for Delay to silence Amerado – forever.

“It took you 2 months to reply, but as a hard rapper, I don’t F*** with Delay, and that’s why I always come faster … You are just a hoe in the hands of an old woman. Let’s see how she makes a farm with your manly seeds,” Lyrical Joe spat out in his new song, ‘Kwabena Numbers’.

‘Kwabena Numbers’ is a comeback to Amerado’s ‘Sin No More’, released two hours prior. In ‘Sin No More’, Amerado attacked Lyrical Joe’s career and physical looks.

Delay has become the object of ridicule on Twitter as tweeps keep deciphering all the shots demeaning Amerado.

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