March 23, 2023

The musician Tinny doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the justification for Stonebwoy’s choice to pay off his purported debt.

The artist maintains that nobody requested any assistance from the dancehall artist.

This comes after information that Stonebwoy made an independent decision to pay a 2,000 debt that Tinny allegedly owes an event promoter.

The “Makola Kwakwe” hitmaker expressed her displeasure with Stonebwoy during an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, calling it a sign of disrespect.

No one urged him to pay the bill, but he tried,” Tinny said to Andy Dosty on Thursday.

When he heard the topic being discussed on the radio station back in May, TInny claimed that Stonebwoy had the option of ignoring it or choosing to address it off-air.

He asserted that the “Therapy” hitmaker had no right to pay the purported obligation, especially because he hadn’t initially spoken to Tinny.

Tinny claimed, however, that Stonebwoy had no right to pay the show promoter prior to learning the truth of the situation.

The musician declared that he still stands by the remarks and jabs he leveled at Stonebwoy in his earlier interview.

“I have no doubts about saying that. To pay someone’s money secretly would be foolish on my part. What hints to the person’s predicament? Was I present? Have they contacted me at all?

Tinny said, “Who said the brother is in trouble? “, before describing what he would have done in the opposite circumstance. Have I heard anything from the brother, if that makes sense? Who said I needed that assistance, too?

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