March 30, 2023

An opportune mediation by a reaction group from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) on Monday evening kept a fire episode from making a broad harm property in a three-story officials’ cottage of the Ghana Prisons Training School at Roman Ridge in Accra.

Source: GraphicOnline

The fire, what began around 2:30pm obliterated every one of the things in a female official’s room on the third floor.

The reason for the fire is yet to be laid out yet there are ideas it began from the room and reached out to the others rooms

It required about an hour for faculty from the Fire Service to manage the hellfire

The person in question, Deputy Superintendent of Prisons Faustiana Boadu, who at the time was resting said she had looked for authorization from the workplace to missing herself from work since she was not great.

Fire destroyed prison officer’s flat

She made sense of that, she felt sleepy subsequent to taking drug and dozed in the front room.

“I was dozing in the lounge room when out of nowhere I awakened and I was unable to relax” DSP Boadu expressed.

She understood that smoke was coming from the room and went to make the way for look at it.

The room, she said, was loaded up with smoke and she could barely see anything in front of her thus headed outside and shouted for help.

“That is the point at which my neighbors called the fire administration. I don’t have the foggiest idea how the fire began as I left no electrical gear in the room on” DSP Boadu said.

An occupant, DSP Ali Musa Plato, likewise on the third floor told Graphic Online that he was in his kitchen when he heard the call for help.

DSP Plato added that with the assistance of different officials they attempted to extinguish the blazes with fire quenchers however couldn’t handle the fire.

Video of prison officer’s flat destroyed by fire

“We understood we were unable to manage it so we called the fire administration to mediate,” he said.

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