March 23, 2023

Smartphones have long been able to pinpoint our precise location; chances are, you’ve already downloaded an app that requests this information. While that’s acceptable, many applications already have your location even though they don’t need to. Here’s how to prevent iPhone or Android apps from pinpointing your position, such as Instagram.

Instagram and TikTok users are being warned by an increasingly popular viral graphic to turn off their iPhone’s “exact location” setting for specific apps. What is this feature for accurate location, what does it do, and how do you disable it? To learn more, continue reading.

Precise Location: What Is It?
In 2020, iOS made the decision to enable the precise location feature as a system-level setting. It was released for watchOS 7, iOS 14, and the iPhone, iPad. With Android 12 in 2021, Google also included a comparable system-wide location setting.

In essence, apps already knew your exact location. Users can only now opt to enable or disable it on Google and Apple devices.

For what it’s worth, both Android and iPhone already include a variety of location control tools, such as the ability to provide apps access to your location only when they are actively being used or once. Additionally, the “exact location” setting increases user security.

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