March 22, 2023
You purchase an item from Jumia and are dissatisfied with it. Is it because the item purchased on Jumia was not the same as what came, or because the product's color or size was different?

You purchase an item from Jumia and are dissatisfied with it. Is it because the item purchased on Jumia was not the same as what came, or because the product’s color or size was different? This has occurred before to me. And I was frustrated and unsure of what to do. I considered numerous options and scoured the internet for a solution, but I neglected to contact Jumia directly to resolve the issue. Not to squander too much time. Let’s begin with the main thread.

We created a step-by-step guide on how to purchase things on Jumia. It arrived after you made your purchase, and you discover that it is not what you were anticipating. This can’t possibly be a waste of funds. Don’t worry about it. There is a mechanism to seek a refund, and the item you purchased will be returned to Jumia, along with your money.

Following this procedures to help you  return your item back to Jumia

This is not a difficult task. To request a refund, just follow the procedures outlined below. But first, double-check that your purchase is refundable. The jumia refund policy must be followed when returning an item. These are some of Jumia’s refund policies. Within seven days of receiving your merchandise from Jumia, you may request a refund, and you should not proceed for the next seven days.

These are some of the conditions that may permit you to request for a refund on jumia.

• If the returned product differs from the one advertised in their store. Or the product description provided was incorrect or not the same as what was received.

• If the jumia product is damaged, or if there was an extra item that needed to be attached to it in order for it to work but was not included in the delivered package or product. You can then seek a refund from Jumia.Use the following steps to request for your refund.
The first step is to contact jumia customer service about the item you wish to return. The following are the ways to contact jumia customer service. You can call 0302740630 or email Please return your goods as soon as possible.

You must notify jumia via your account that you are returning your unhappy goods. To do so, go into your Jumia account corresponding with the one you used to buy the item. In the order menu, click request a return on the order you want to return to Jumia.

When your package arrives, fill out the order return form with the essential information for a return. You will be prompted to complete an order return form in which you will select your cause for return and fill out the essential information for the return merchandise.

Pack your product for return, and do it as soon as possible. You must send jumia your box or your unhappy goods. This process may be done in the same way as your order returned from jumia, whether self pick or home delivery. Your refund has been processed.

Please keep in mind that products are available for return during the first seven days after purchase and are not refundable after that period has elapsed. Jumia can not guarantee that you will receive the money back that you paid for the merchandise. A little amount of money might be removed from the total amount spent on the item.

We’ve reached the end of this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We’re here to help you with any problems you’re having. So do inform us about your issue.

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