March 30, 2023

The Bulgarian Honorary Consul to Ghana, Nicolas van Staalduinen, has shown that the public authority of Ghana is pursuing monetary remuneration for the destruction of the Bulgarian Embassy by a confidential designer in 2017.

Refreshing people in general on the moves made by the public authority of Ghana, Mr. van Staalduinen said there have been a few confirmations in such manner.

“Last week I called the representative clergyman [Benito Owusu Bio] and asked how far they are with an answer for Bulgaria, and I was addressed that they will be prepared soon and accompanied a proposition.”

He noticed that revamping the consulate was one of the choices, however it was not inclined toward by Bulgaria.

“The diplomat said, temporarily, to revamp a consulate is a tad [difficult], and he favored a monetary repayment around then and I think the delegate serve is dealing with that,” Mr. van Staalduinen said.


The Bulgarian International safe haven, situated at Kakramadu Street, Plot No. 10, East Cantonments in Accra, was part of the way wrecked by a confidential engineer in 2017.

Source: citi news

The Bulgarian Representative to Ghana and Nigeria, Yanko Yordanov, then blamed the Ghanaian government for breaking the Vienna Show on Conciliatory Relations and cautioned of extensive ramifications on political associations with Ghana.

The public authority charged an investigation into the matter, which suggested sanctions against the alleged confidential engineer who caused the obliteration of the International safe haven’s structure.

The designer has additionally been coordinated to pay to impacted people.

He likewise acquired judgment for the ousting of the inhabitants whom he portrayed as intruders, and a request to destroy the property which he depicted as unsuitable for human home, at the Circuit Court, Accra.

The confidential engineer, Jojo Hagan, is said to have taken over as the Agent of the Desire of one Mr. Leighton and vested the property in the named recipients of the Will while chasing after the cases at the Court.

The request found that the expulsion and destruction didn’t follow fair treatment.

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