June 9, 2023

The problems people experience are at their peak when the world develops and life becomes more complicated. Adults can have these challenges, but not at all. Adults are better able to handle stress than children; placing such demands on developing brains can occasionally be deadly. Are obstacles the same as challenges, or do obstacles pose a greater threat than challenges?

The definition of the word challenge is “to arouse or stimulate, especially by presenting with difficulties.”

Teenagers in the twenty-first century encounter a number of difficulties, including:


The most significant issue affecting young people today is unemployment. Education advances in tandem with the developing world’s gradual rise in wealth and expansion of options. Consequently, finding employment is very difficult. Because the government has “no money” to create new jobs, tremendous corruption and inequalities in wealth result in a lack of employment opportunities. Most jobs that are available pay little.

Our culture encourages materialism, and young people are taught that success and happiness in life are determined by the amount of items they own.

A materialistic perspective on life can have a detrimental impact on a person’s life and lead to discontent when one doesn’t have enough.

Lack of Role Models

The absence of role models could be a serious issue. One can follow in their footsteps and have a clearly defined route by having a role model. Therefore, it can be challenging for someone to follow a particular career if they don’t have a role model.

Violence and Crime –

Some youth may forgo their education in order to support their families. Thus, some people might start turning to crime as a means of making money. As they reach this period, youths could become more violent. In colleges, their aggression is frequently more severe.

Alcohol and drug abuse
In the past, when smoking was fashionable, it was common for every actor or actress to hold a cigarette while on screen. Today, 41% of high school students report drinking alcohol, and 21% acknowledge using drugs.

Technology & Social Media:

Today’s youth are social media addicts. A lot of young people enjoy watching TikTok videos, YouTube, and Instagram. Youths favor having plenty of followers on social media. Youth culture has shifted to include and prioritize technology.

Time and Stress Management
One of the major problems young people today appear to have is dealing with the pressure to excel in every aspect of life while also managing their time. Although successful young people are expected, few of them are aware of efficient time management.

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