March 29, 2023

Abbo has since surrendered his enrollment of a Tinubu support bunch over the Muslim ticket of the APC.

The Senator addressing Adamawa North in the National Assembly, Elisha Ishaku Abbo, has thrashed the official up-and-comer of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, over the decision of a muslim ticket, saying “It is entirely reckless of Tinubu to take his political endurance over the security and tranquility of Nigeria.”


Abbo has since surrendered his participation of a Tinubu support bunch over the Muslim ticket of the APC.

The representative affirmed this to Peoples Gazette by phone Monday morning.
“For Tinubu now to be given the ticket and pivoted to do what he was unable to accomplish in 2015 regardless of resistance from Catholics and other Christian pioneers is very reckless,” the government lawmaker added.

He blamed Tinubu for declining to follow the resistance against his bad habit official desire and how President Muhammadu Buhari settled on a Christian running mate in 2015.

“Buhari battled a nationwide conflict and figures out the results of an isolated country.

At the point when Tinubu needed to be VP in 2015, Buhari said no on the grounds that he grasped the significance of solidarity,” made sense of Abbo.

Tinubu, on Sunday, declared Kashim Shettima, a serving representative addressing Borno focal and ex-Borno lead representative, as APC bad habit official up-and-comer.

Abbo made sense of how he met with a care group in Abuja looking for a running mate for Tinubu. The gathering inferred that Tinubu shouldn’t pick a Muslim as his running mate for the 2023 official political decision.

“We plunked down in Abuja and strategised, and we presumed that he shouldn’t take a Muslim as running mate. He (Tinubu) discarded the report. My inner voice won’t permit me to lobby for Tinubu.

Elisha Abbo resigned

I’m an individual from the Christian Association of Nigeria; I can’t deny CAN.

I stay in APC. However, I will take the endurance of my country first over political contemplations,” said Abbo.

He added, “We can’t work for such a man. I will go against (a) Christian ticket since I am put resources into the solidness of this country. A Christian ticket will be unfeeling toward Muslims of this country.The nation is equally split between Muslims and Christians. So any administration that is Muslim won’t be ill-conceived and will ever acquire the admiration of Christians.”

In the interim, Bola Tinubu CampaignHeadquarters representative, Bayo Onanuga didn’t quickly answer a solicitation looking for his remarks on Abbo’s statemen

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